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FEZER Vacuum Lifting Equipment
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Granada are the UK distributors for the Fezer range of vacuum load lifting devices. These are standard units for the transport of steel plate and coil, glass, wood, aluminium and other non-porous materials.

Transport of goods in the horizontal and vertical plane. Options include full 180 degree rotation and integrated crane controls. Vacuum handlers can be supported by overhead cranes and jib cranes.

Complete crane, gantry and lifting packages are available, all serviced and maintained by our nationwide service and maintenance division. Spare parts are readily available for all makes and types of unit.

Vacuum lifting equipment


The FEZER VacuPowerlift is a complete manual handling solution that both grips and lifts the intended load. The high speed operation is used to handle a wide variety of goods such as cardboard boxes, sacks, wooden/metal sheets and stone slabs to name but a few!

The unit can be easily controlled via a spring-loaded or a twist-grip handle dependent on the operator’s preference. A wide variety of additional attachments are available for special applications including a fully stainless steel unit suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industry.

The system is usually suspended from a jib crane but can also be attached to a light crane system to cover larger areas.