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Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm award for Granada

Granada Material Handling at RWE/GYM

Granada Material Handling at RWE/GYM

Sembmarine SLP has awarded Granada the contract to design, supply, third party certify, deliver and commission 2 davit crane units for the Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm Siemens Transmission and Distribution Platform.

Each of the Granada Python crane units has been specifically designed for the Dudgeon offshore wind farm and the challenging marine environment in which they will operate. Two Python crane units will be fitted to the cable deck area of the distribution platform. Each crane unit measures approximately 4 meters in height, 4 meters in radius, and weighs 1000kgs. The maximum lifting capacity of 1000kgs is needed to hoist the heavier serviceable components from the supply vessel to the laydown area on the platforms of the transmission platform. The crane units have been specifically designed with an emphasis on health & safety and the operator’s needs, and are a design unique to Granada Material Handling.

Mark Sidwell, Director of Granada Material Handling Ltd, commented:

“We are extremely pleased to have been awarded another prestigious UK wind farm project. Securing this contract has been a real team effort by the Granada Renewable product and service division. The Dudgeon contract is not only great news for Granada but also for our North West based supply chain. Granada has ambitious plans for this market sector and is the UK’s leading offshore wind farm davit crane supplier. We are currently working with designers, wind farm developers and turbine manufacturers to further enhance the product range to ensure the very latest developments in lifting technology are made available to the rapidly expanding and ever developing offshore renewable market.” 

Granada is already looking to place orders and sub-contract specialist areas of work to other UK businesses, and will deliver the crane units over a 6 month period.


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Granada’s partnership with Siemens: a new foundation davit that meets the offshore challenge.

Challenging conditions exist for servicing offshore wind turbines

Challenging conditions exist for servicing offshore wind turbines

With a complete focus on safety, reliability and efficiency, and the result of over two years’ development and partnership with Siemens, Granada Material Handling offers world-leading technology for the offshore wind turbine sector.

There are few applications as demanding as offshore work, and wind turbine servicing is a rapidly growing area with its own unique set of challenges. Lifting heavy equipment from a boat to a stationary platform is tricky, to say the least. One rogue wave and everything being lifted could crash through the boat deck, endangering lives at sea.

As a leading specialist in offshore lift equipment, Granada continually reviews options and developments for the wind turbine sector. Finding Siemens to be the perfect partner for its demanding sea operations serving the growing number of offshore wind turbines around the UK coast, Granada decided on a redesign from the ground up, to provide customers with a tailor-made solution.

The resulting Granada foundation davit sits on a wind turbine platform, part-way up at the base of the blade tips, on the access platform which is permanently in place. The crucial factor is that the unit, when lifting loads varying from maintenance kits to tool bags, must align itself to the position of the boat, which is semi-moored to the turbine base, and must not allow the load being lifted to lower back into the moving boat deck at any point in the unloading process – especially if the boat breaks free from its moorings for any reason.

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Servicing excellence at the forefront of technology

With engineering excellence and ground-breaking software, Granada’s individual approach to servicing sets new standards for efficiency and safety, both onshore and offshore.

Granada takes a unique approach to servicing – combining a personal approach, where our engineers work directly with our clients, with our own custom-designed DATAHUB software, exclusive to Granada.

Our engineers receive individual notification of clients’ servicing requirements direct to their PDAs. In addition to talking to the customer, our engineers always seek feedback from the equipment operators. Site assessments and risk assessments are, again, carried out on the individual engineer’s PDA. Granada engineers carry out their own quotations, sent directly to the client, with jobs scheduled and parts ordered in the most simple, efficient manner. This personal approach to all aspects of the servicing cycle eliminates confusion during the quotation stage, as well as speeding up quotation to repair.

Throughout the servicing process, the use of Granada’s DATAHUB ensures both efficient and secure access to all servicing and safety data. Accessed through a web portal, DATAHUB provides clients with at-a-glance information on all servicing needs and legal requirements, including LOLER and PUWER examination, automatically generating the correct documentation.

As well as investing in technology to meet the needs of lifting equipment management and safety, Granada recognise that our engineers are our most important asset – all are subject to our 6-monthly training needs analysis, and all have LEEA Team Cards. This dual approach, of engineering excellence and ground-breaking software, keeps Granada at the very forefront of technological change and management effectiveness.

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Vacuum lifting system – bespoke design and installation service from Granada

bespoke vacuum lifting story image
Granada has recently installed a bespoke vacuum lifting system to assist with the loading of plastic pellets from 25kgs sacks into a hopper. The system was designed to operate over a mezzanine floor area. This meant that Granada had to design and install a free standing jib crane to ensure enough height was allowed for the sack to be emptied.

Alongside bespoke design and installation, Granada offer clients the options of both on- and off-site training for all vacuum lifting equipment, either at their own premises, or at our new customer service facility.

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Granada’s new VacuQuicklift – simple operation and ergonomical design

Recently installed at a food processing plant, VacuQuicklift, Granada’s new Vacuum Tube lifter, combines a range of advantages that make it perfect for many sectors. With just one operating handle all the functions of engagement, lifting, lowering, and release can be easily and accurately controlled.

With its unique “Quick-Release-System”, the VacuQuicklift lifts automatically when released with no need for tilting. This makes it incredibly quick and guarantees the shortest cycle times – ideal if boxes, containers or crates have to be commissioned or re-stacked.

The Tube lifter VacuQuicklift is available in two designs, one for strictly horizontal applications and one with a swivel feature that allows the lift to manually tip over workpieces. In both cases the VacuQuicklift is controlled with one control handle, so the lift operator is easily able to bring loads into the target position with their free hand. Thus, Granada’sVacuQuicklift makes lifting tasks easier, while improving workplace safety through its simple and ergonomical design and operation.

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Granada invest in new customer service facility

Granada are pleased to announce the opening of a new dedicated Site Services Division.

This specialist facility is a new centre for installation, servicing and inspection, with enhanced space for spares’ storage. As a new training division, it provides a dedicated facility for Granada customers for equipment training, both electrical and mechanical, and bespoke packages for clients. Full audiovisual facilities ensure comprehensive and thorough training.

Further details about our on and offshore services, including inspection, repair and training, are available from our dedicated electrical and mechanical specialist service team: 01706 355455.

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Granada completes Humber Gateway Wind Farm project

Granada has recently supplied and installed two 2te SWL Power Slew Jib Cranes for the Humber Gateway Wind Farm Operations Base. The cranes are complete with radio control, hoist canopy and storm lock. These Granada cranes have been specially designed for the environment, with an increased operational wind speed window, and with a C5M paint system – designed to meet the highest levels of corrosivity, for inshore and offshore marine environments.

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Granada Awarded Multi-Million Pound Davit Contract

GGOWL has awarded a major contract to Manchester company Granada Material Handling Ltd to manufacture, deliver and commission 140 replacement crane units for the Greater Gabbard offshore wind farm.

Each of the Granada ‘Python’ crane units have been specifically designed for the Greater Gabbard offshore wind farm and the challenging marine environment in which it will operate. One ‘Python’ crane unit will be fitted to each of the 140 transition pieces – the yellow bases of the wind turbines.

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